Monday, March 18, 2013


I'm still trying to find a balance and get to everything. I'm finally making progress.

A couple weeks ago I took a drive... just to snap pictures. I started out Hwy 99 out of Birch Tree then to Hwy106 headed for West Plains. Just after you take the turn onto Hwy 106 there is a hill and when you look to the North (I think - I tend to get direction-ally challenged when I'm in the WP area.

Anyway. When you look across this guy's pasture, the world seems to go on forever.

I caught the attention of one of the many cattle grazing across the vastness. I love the look of curiosity on this cow's face.

I took the Hwy 17 junction and headed back for home. I was looking for a little country church I later realized is actually located out on Hwy 60 on the way to Poplar Bluff. LOL But I enjoyed the drive.

Along Hwy 17 I came upon an old farm. LOVED this place. The history that house and barn hold is enough to make this author drool with curiosity.

Someday, I want to research this place.

Who knows... someday I might be in your area. I'd love to hear your story.