Monday, May 29, 2017


Hi Everyone!

I'm trying to get back in here more frequently. I usually travel over the weekend and take pictures but I never get to this account. Sounds odd? Well, it's lack of focus in a way. I have several blogs that connect with my freelance interests. Two of my blogs, including this one, log in under different emails accounts - not associated with my Google account. I get so focused on updating the other five blogs that I fail to log out then into this one. My author account is the other one that usually suffers.

That said, I have a plan of attack as long as blogger plays nice with multiple schedulings.

Whenever I'm traveling the back roads I look for places like this. Creek beds that seem to vanish into the never ending beyond call me to follow their path like the door in The Secret Garden. But I'm really squimish of ticks these days and I just know as the silent call wafts to me, I hear the chattering of ticks even louder and pass on the adventure. 

What places call to you?

My granddaughters arrive in one week. They will be here for the entire summer! We will be going on many adventures and I hope to share them with you but if I"m silent for a few more weeks, I hope you'll understand grandma time comes first.

Safe Travels!