Friday, February 22, 2013


I love close- up shots of ice encased pine needles. They look so fragile. Mother Nature does a beautiful job of cloaking each needle into it's own cocoon of frozen water. This is her way of protecting it from the cold.

Today begins a new chapter for AnOzarksJournal.  Initially, I just needed a place to upload Thank You cards so that members of the Polish Sinfonia of Krakow Poland could see them. The post was also my first introduction to Kizoa video slideshow app. Great program!

Although this isn't what I have scheduled for posting rotation, I had to share these pics of the remnants of our ice storm yesterday. The thunder-sleet rumbled most of the day yesterday before settling into a very fine, peaceful snow last night.

This oak sapling is the first incredible sight I had to capture during my walk to the pond.

These are close-up shots of the limb and leaf curtain hanging from the arch.

This is my beautiful Maple tree in the back yard. I fell in love with this tree the first autumn we spent here on the farm. A couple years ago, high winds took out the East fork. Each new storm brings me closer to having to take it down completely. And each time I can take a picture of her like this, I remember how blessed I am I've had her this long. 

Here's hoping your day in the Ozarks is filled with beauty.

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