Wednesday, April 3, 2013


   Today I bring you the final installment of Promise Bridge. If you missed any part of this story just check Monday and Tuesday's posts for the first two installments.
   I'd love to have your comments and I hope you have enjoyed the story.

    Within minutes, they were on Promise Bridge. He stopped at the locked gates.
   “This is it, gentlemen,” the sheriff announced. “Several years ago, Prairie Farms Dairy was having vandalism issues from the neighboring county. They put up security gates, stopping all traffic except their own trucks.”
   “Is the gate kept locked?” Brown asked
   “Not always. But since the bridge is so long, you can’t tell if it is or not until you’re here.”
   “Looks wide enough to turn around here at the gate,” Blue reasoned. “Why does your deputy keep trying to back up if he knows he can’t?”
   “The bridge is extra wide to accommodate the load structure the tanks need, but it isn’t enough for turning a car around on.”
   Brown looked first out his side window, then out the rear. “I’ll bet twenty bucks you can turn this car around,” he challenged. “It’ll take some maneuvering, but I think it can be done.”
   “It won’t work.”
   “I’ll chip in. Make it fifty,” Blue upped the ante.
   “Can’t do it. Some suits from the big city claim I’m spending too much money. That bet won’t cover the service call.”
   “Move over, Butter. Let me show how it’s done.” Brown said as he got out of the back seat and opened the driver’s door. With a shrug, the sheriff relocated to the passenger seat.

   An hour later, Deputy Parkay stood next to the squad car. His huge grin went unmasked as he peered in the front passenger window.
   “Don’t say it, Parkay,” the sheriff ground out between clenched teeth.
   “Not a word, sir. Here comes Charlie with the rig. Imagine that.”
   The mechanic joined Parkay at the window. “I see your deputy isn’t the only one capable of hangin’ up on ‘ol Promise. Y’all want to climb out so I can get you towed off of here?”
   Sheriff Butter could have melted with embarrassment

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