Monday, June 1, 2015


I took this picture at the fish hatchery in Roaring River State Park last fall. I love visiting the hatchery and driving through the park. I also enjoy stopping to watch the trout just short of beg for food in the large pond fed primarily from this underground spring and fall. Very relaxing place to visit.. and to rejuvinate the spirit.

After an incredibly lost year in 2014, I'm trying to get back in the swing of things and this blog has been let go far too long. I will need some time to get things back up to speed and where I truly want them to be. I'm searching for a balance. About the time I posted last, the freelance opened up for me in a torrent of connections and options so that is where I directed almost all of my energy.

Then in June of last year, my first book was released through Borroughs Publishing Group. Somewhere Down the Line is one of those stories my heart just had to spill and I'm very proud of the book. I spent the rest of my free time promoting the book and planning my next.

In October we signed to build an addition to our house. My dream office/ art studio began going up in November... most of the time of which I was sick with a sinus infection and vertigo from both ears. Add the holidays to follow and that about sums up my 2014.

2015 got off to a rocky start where I just had a challenge finding my groove. After six months of being pulled in different directions, I'm finally on the road I want to be on. 

I'll be making some schedule changes over the coming weeks. There are still things I want to include, but probably not right away. For now I'll be focusing on Photo Journey and Gardening. Everything else will find its home in time. 

I hope you'll join me as I rejuvenate An Ozarks Journal
~ Kelly

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