Friday, February 12, 2016


DISCLAIMER: None of the information provided is law. I share what works for me. Only you can determine what works in your life.


One of the first things I want to tackle in Emergency Preparedness is FINANCES. Over the next few weeks we will experience some changes in our household in regards to my husband's job. One of the things that has had me thinking about this change is how unprepared many of the other employees probably are for this drastic change... the selling of/ or closing of the company doors.

Regardless of the path taken, may of the employees will be left without a paycheck and only unemployment to temporarily carry them through until they can find something else. Thankfully, the river/ barge industry has a decent turn-over and jobs at all levels are always available. We are luckier than most.

For years Bob has accused me of making Abe Lincoln scream - I can pinch a penny till I've assassinated our sixteenth President hundreds of times over. But because I am money conscious we will still be able to meet our bills for at least six months without stressing. How? By BEING PREPARED

See, Being Prepared is more than just waiting for that Shit Hit the Fan moment when everything goes to hell in the proverbial hand basket. Being Prepared means being able to weather ANYTHING that comes your way.

Over the next few weeks (and yes, they will post because I am writing them all TODAY and scheduling them) I will discuss various ways I handle our finances. While they may not work for everyone, I hope they will give you something to think about in finding what will work for you.

Each week will come with a Tip or an Assignment. This week you get...

Look at your finances for the past 6 months.
Look at your bank balance and or saving balance
Look at your monthly bills - both household necessities and credit card payments.
Look at your credit card statements

With all of these figures in mind, do you have enough money set aside that if you were to lose your job tomorrow, you could still meet your payments?

If not.. DO NOT STRESS over that for now. Next Friday, I'll give you one solution to start building immediately towards building that cushion.

Be Empowered!

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