Friday, June 2, 2017

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS - Basic Disaster Supplies Kit

This week, I'm hoping to get back in the swing of my Emergency Preparedness Series.

On the weekend of April 29th most of the state of Missouri was one of many states that dealt with serious flooding. Bob and I were stranded in Springfield as part of Hwy 60/63 was closed on and off over two days. By Sunday night nearly every rural road in our area was closed because of low-water crossings... including our road so even if we could have gotten out of Springfield, we wouldn't have made it to the house.

One area near us that really got hit harder than I've ever heard was West Plains MO. Jan Howard Blvd. through downtown was completely flooded and one of the power stations was in danger of flooding, so they completely shut power to the entire town.

From KY3 - More than eight inches of rain fell on the city Saturday. More is expected through the night. The city had to turn off power in fear of flooding at the city's substation. City leaders there ask residents to stay put. Many roads remain covered with high water.

Here is a video from one of our weathermen at KY3:

This next link shows many pictures of a small community along the Eleven Point River that lost its battle against the torrential rain bringing the river way out of bank attempting to wash Thomasville MO off the map. My husband belongs to the Masonic Lodge there and they have chosen not to rebuild. Instead, they will meet at a neighboring lodge in West Plains.

While I realize there really was no 'preparing' for a natural disaster such as this, having a Basic Disaster Supply bag as a 'Go Bag' is essential. Even the smallest item can bring a molecule of comfort during such a devastating period. offers an exceptional list of things to have on hand. You can also download a PDF HERE

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