Friday, June 16, 2017


After almost three years of just having stuff in a tote bag... and totally useless in case of a disaster, The First Aid bag is finally finished. This is a standard size school backpack with the one additional front pocket.  I took almost everything out of their packaging to compact things a bit. All of the gauze were packed by size in ziplock bags.  The contents are clearly visible and dry. Other items are packed according to their use, ie. personal hygene items, eye care, pain meds, ointments/ creams, etc. Packaging the items together according to their use in ziplock bags makes them easier to access without having to ruffle through the entire contents of the bag.

I've attached 2 whistles to the handle so they are easy to get to. Whistles are important should you be trapped in your safe spot in the aftermath of a tornado. A loud whistle will better allow rescuers to find you without taking a lot of your energy attempting to call for help. This also prevents you from inhaling debris dust when you are trying to call out.

Are you Prepared?

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